Our Cases

Take a look at some examples of the projects we implemented for companies in Banking, BioTech, Insurance, Cybersecurity, and other industries in the U.S., Austria, Singapore, and other places.

Digitalization strategy, bank in Austria

Developed an assessment-based two-year roadmap to implement scaled Agile transformations (SAFe), easy to track by the Board

Agile & Scrum Adoption by a Drone Company, USA

Provided team prior productivity assessment and implemented Agile product management, and Scrum of Scrums framework

Process Optimization for BioTech, Singapore

Trained 100+ employees to adopt Scrum, speed up IT- and development-related processes, and increase productivity.

Agile Transformation for Insurance, Singapore

Implemented iterative-incremental delivery model, improved digital solutions time-to-market, ROI, and progress visibility

Lean-Agile Model for IT, Luxembourg

We developed and implemented a Lean-Agile model for a company specializing in Cybersecurity

Business Automation App, Switzerland

Provided initial process analysis, developed assessment-based process optimization model, tailored Agile at Scale structure

Operations Automation for an NGO, UA

We created operations optimization system for a Refugee Farm NGO project in Ukraine

Customer Data Automation for EdTech

We provided customer data automation and an automated payment system for online-shool in Ukraine