Professional Scrum Master Training for a Higher Cause​

On 01 Aug 2023, a Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) Training, certified by, will take place. All the profits from the training will go to 4Life Ukrainian Charitable Foundation supporting the medical, emergency, and humanitarian efforts at the frontlines in Ukraine.

Bogdan Misyura, founder of BrainRain and advisor at Localizer.Pro, delivers a 4x4 vehicle for Ukraine.

The Training

On 01 Aug 2023 the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) training, certified by, will take place, organized by Bogdan Misyura, founder of BrainRain and training advisor at Localizer.Pro.

The participants will get world-class training, delivered by Dominik Maximini, a high-profile Agile coach at Scrum.Org.

The training involves additional benefits, such as its content availability on day 5 of this workshop, and getting a free coaching hour with the trainer.

The unique feature of this training is its charitable cause — all the profits from it will be donated to the Ukrainian Charitable Foundation «4Life» to save people’s lives in the frontlines in Ukraine.

Who is This Training For?

The PSM training is designed for those who already work as Scrum Masters or want to step into the role.

We will combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises and thus prepare the participants to be able to implement newly acquired knowledge immediately in their daily work.

How Convenient is Its Schedule?

To address your schedule needs, this training will be stretched out over five half-days in two weeks.

You will get some homework between the sessions, to further deepen your knowledge on Scrum.

Meet the Trainer: Dominik Maximini

Dominik Maximini, Certified Agile & Scrum Coach by Scrum.Org

Dominik Maximini is an enthusiastic coach and a dynamic manager experienced in integrated software development. He started programming at the age of 14. Later he realized he could impact project success in project management for the better. However, the classical project management methodology did not met his expectations. Having discovered Scrum, Dominik finally found what he was searching for. His team productivity doubled.

Today, Dominik leads a team of Agile coaches in Germany. He makes sure to stay with both feet on the ground by helping companies as a Scrum Master and a Coach in their day-to-day businesses. His vision is to bring openness and honesty into companies – this makes Scrum his mission.

Dominik is bilingual and holds training courses in both English and German languages, both virtual and physical realms.

You may read more about Dominic here on Scrum.Org.

What You Will Learn

The aim of this course is to give you a solid foundation in Scrum and its core principles and to strengthen you in the role of facilitator for the team and your organization.

You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of certain decisions and why some support agility and others ultimately lead back to a waterfall-like process.

We will discuss how you can reflect the dogmatic theory in practice, optimize the quality and total costs of ownership of your product as well as getting to delivery forecasts.

In addition, we particularly focus on helping you to internalize the basic principles of successful team building processes and provide you with valuable tools for your work as a Scrum Master.

Through practical exercises, you will also learn how the role of the Scrum Master in a Scrum environment is to be seen. This includes the rights and obligations of this role/accountability.

Besides, you will learn how to work effectively with the other Scrum roles (Product Owner and Developers), as well as with customers and clients, and how to exercise your own Scrum Master role in the best way, considering customer satisfaction and added value.

Cost & Details

Cost: €645.

Charity Cause: All the profits will go to 4Life Ukrainian Charitable Foundation to save people’s lives at the frontlines in Ukraine.

Dates: 01 – 10.08.2023

Trainer: Dominik Maximini

Duration: 20 hours

Language: English

How to Participate?

You are welcome to participate. Please, click the “Learn More” button to go to the official Training Event page on the BrainRain website.

You will find the list of topics and extensive information on the training there, and will be able to register for the event.