Ukrainian Parliamentary Committee to Unveil the Resolution on Accelerating Small and Medium-Sized Business Recovery

A Resolution on accelerating small and medium-sized business recovery was signed by the Verkhovna Rada Committee and the Ukrainian Business Council on 18 March 2024.


The Parliamentary Committee of Ukraine on Economic Development has approved a Resolution of the committee hearings “Priorities and challenges of small and medium-sized business activities in the context of Ukraine’s recovery.”

The Resolution outlines a series of important steps aimed at the swift restoration and return to active economic activity of small and medium-sized enterprises.

What is Inside the Resolution

Participants of the hearings recommend the following:


1. To the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine:

    • Ensure urgent consideration of draft laws on rebooting the Customs Service, the Tax Service, and the Bureau of Economic Security.

    • Proceed with the second reading of the following draft laws: “On Market Surveillance Liberalization” (Bill No. 5473d), and “On Modernization of Public and Private Partnership” (Bill No. 7508).

    • Accelerate the revision of the draft Law 10166 on a Special Tax Regime for Self-Employed Persons (No. 10166) and its preparation for the voting agenda at the Verkhovna Rada. Bill 10166 creates a legal framework for digital platforms in Ukraine providing innovative solutions such as tax automation, easy and transparent data exchange with the respective tax authorities, and a low tax rate (6.5%) for those who earn money as drivers, couriers, repair masters, and similar professions, through digital platforms.

    • Proceed with the consideration by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the draft Law of Ukraine on amending the Criminal Procedure Code to protect entrepreneurs’ rights from law enforcement agencies (No. 9211).

2. To the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine:

    • Instruct the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine to provide the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Economic Development with calculations of the economic effect of implementing measures envisaged by the National Income Strategy by 2030, including budget revenues, business expenses for additional administration, additional expenses of regulatory authorities, additional burden on the judicial system.

    • Ensure transparency and balance in the reservation of key specialists of enterprises when developing new approaches to reservist military personnel. Ensure the implementation of the e-reservation mechanism, where reservation procedures take place within a day.

    • Prepare changes to the current legislation to stimulate joint communal enterprises (ukr. СКП).

    • Develop a concept and create a mechanism to minimize the number of communal enterprises, based on expediency criteria of their activities and efficiency, and introduce corporate governance for communal enterprises.

    • Make changes to the current legislation to liberalize the use of electronic cash registers (ukr. РРО).


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